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Michael Petrus

Creative Director

Creative production, art supervising, HR, strategy, illustration, comics

Michael graduated from University of West Bohemia while during the studies he was drawing comics as a freelancer. Since 2008 he has been working as a professional on commercial and author's projects in the fields of comics , illustration and book covers. He was several times internationaly awarded and currently is dedicated to mentoring of creatives a lot. Michael is also a passionate fan of legendary post-grunge band Foo Fighters.

Viktor Šauer

Managing Director

Business management, marketing strategy, scripts, production

Viktor graduated from Czech Technical University in Prague and has completed several foreign study programs on three continents. He is dedicated to his work and primarilly creative writing since 2008. He has managed to collect several international awards for author's and commercial projects. Viktor is enthusiastic traveller, sport, vegan food and modern technology fan.

Barbora Vičarová

Creative Producer

Visual production, client service

Bára studied Arts Management at the University of Economics in Prague and Media Studies at the Faculty of Social Sciences of Charles University. She learned more about the fine arts field during her work at the auction house and further deepens her experience in the profiKOMIKS studio. She enjoys marketing, digital environment and audio-visual work, which she devotes to other work projects. Bara likes to read, practice yoga, listen to podcasts and learn to program.



Comic and realistic style illustrations are alternative to boring commercial photographs which we find every dany in magazines, on posters, products and their covers. Original illustration catch the eye of a person much more easily than usual photos and banners that we learnt to ignore.


Mascots are awesome communication instrument for most of brands, product and services promotion. Mascot can lead the whole communication and marketing strategy as a main character from print flyers, posters and citylights to newsletters, social networks, explainer videos and websites or e-shop.


We design unique illustrated websites and landing pages with little GIF animations and parallax effects. We prepare wireframes and style of illustrations to fit the brand, product or service.


We create varied range of comic book styles for promotional, educational or entertaining purposes. We are able to create a script on required topic and adjust the art stylisation according to the intended use and target group as well as adding professional lettering.


We create motion graphics, 3D animation and animatics. Our experienced screenwriters writes screenplays on desired topic. We prapare storyboards and also manage sound design, music and voice overs.


Thanks to our long and rich experience in the creative field we will be glad to consult your first idea or already prepared theme to which we will design a solution in form of comics, illustrations or animations in every aspect of the process.



Viktor Šauer

new projects and inquiries

+420 739 657 202 


Michael Petrus

creative matters

+420 723 645 720


+420 739 657 202



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